About Us

What The Truck?

Often referred to as ‘phool patti’ in Hindi and Urdu, Truck Art is a distinctive Pakistani art form representing the dreams, inspiration, and imagination of Pakistani truck drivers and artists.

Truck’r aims to bring that culture and tradition to the United Kingdom and Europe with unique, handmade home products, from serving trays and tea sets to coasters, games (yes, we mean Ludo!), keyholders and more.

Chamak Patti

Chamak Patti ('Chamak' means shiny / 'Patti' means stickers) is a form of truck art created using reflective tape that glows in the dark.

Our artisans cut eye-catching red, orange, blue, green and yellow plastic reflector stickers sheets into shapes and fix them onto tin sheets, wood or metal to create beautifully crafted patterns. Each product is meticulously crafted and slight imperfections are due to the products being completely handmade.